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SPIN d.o.o. Križevci


the project company, founded in 1993. year, of which the scope of devices and means of the internal transport and storage.
Our expert team, using the latest technology and knowledge, acquired many years of experience, successfully solves the ways and means necessary for internal transport in the introduction of new technological processes and the reconstruction or expansion of old ones.
Entrust the task to us, we will solve the problem to your satisfaction, whether it is an individual transport unit or a complete system.
Our work team, the relationship a partnership, a shared pleasure.







We also representing and cooperateing with German firm



Consulting Engineering                                       Fon:       0049 231 880 85 95 6

Wittekindstraße 25                                                   Fax:      0049 231 880 85 95 9

D-44536 Lünen                                                        E-mail: 




Our partner and representative in Germany is

 Michael Ristovitch, Dipl. ing.